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Tips For When Re-Branding

Be open, & have a little trust in your designer...

Usually, when you're wanting to re-brand, you want a change. A fresh, new identity that really embodies your brands personality and is unique. The briefing process is really important as we (designers) need to get to know who your brand is, who the people are behind the business, and what your goals are. But one thing that can hinder a project is having too many preconceived ideas or outcomes in mind already. Often the best designs come out of experimenting and taking a risk, so it's always great to come at it with an open mind. You may need to step beyond your comfort zone. But rest assured, openness will allow your designer to think creatively, to push boundaries, and to ensure you come away with a unique brand identity that tells YOUR story.

Keep YOUR clients in mind...

Who is your idea client? Have a go at drawing or writing them down. Think about their personality, where they go, what they do, what brands they buy, what type of house do they have, what type of income do they have, what age are they, there's a lot to consider! We want to ensure your brand is something your Ideal client will be drawn to. When you keep your ideal client in mind, you can make a more well-rounded decision for your brand and your business.

Think about your brand, and all of your brand...

Branding goes well beyond just logo & visual design... it includes your copywriting, your services, your approach, your voice, your style, your clients – and so much more. It’s important to consider the variety of ways your business is showcased (not just your gorgeous logo).  A strong brand is one that keeps is consistency & makes sure it's branding is evident in all areas; social media, websites, marketing, emails, flyers, videos, pop ups, even your captions on instagram! Try to think about what you want from your brand as a whole.


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